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Coin Operated Sales Timer Machine | Vending Machine

Tru-VEND® Coin Operated Timer Vending Machine The Coin-operated. Timer Machine is equipped with a comparabe-type coin mechanism that can operate with various pre-programmed currencies. The automatic timer allows you to adjust service period between 1-10 minutes. One Timer Machine can be installed with two different applications Some applications of the Timer Machine include Hair Straightening Machines…

Tru-VEND® Flat Shoe Vending Machine

Perfect solution for dance schools and discos. The only one in the world!Tru-VEND Flat Shoe Vending Machine will meet your requirement The Flat Shoe Vending Machine can be mounted to the wall, stand on it's own base stand, thin, esthetic and high capacity at the same time, plus other outstanding features; operates indoors. International norms, In conformity with CE Norms and produced…

Cold Drinks Dispenser Mini Icy

The Mini-Icy®, powder based cold beverage dispenser is a must-have for workplaces and HoReCa (Hotels Restaurants and Cafes) businesses. Equipped with adjustable refrigeration settings and a mixer, the Mini-Icy® lets you serve your favourite beverage formula at your preferred serving temperature. 8 Cold-Drinks selection (4 single + 4 cocktail drinks) with 1 mixer 4 X 1.8 Lt ingredient canisters Plug-Play…

Credit Card Payment System

Telemetry, remote communication via GPRS with vending machines, GPRS based credit card systemLive statistics viewing option Preparing a suitable routeOperating with MDBMonthly data, sim card and server usage charges may apply.

Pre-Paid Card Payment System

Vending machines operating with smart card systemAutomatic credit loading through vending machineOption to use multiple machines with the same IDStand by mifare card communication Monthly automatic credit loadingAbility to limit daily usageBonus, additional credit loading etc. outstanding featuresThe usage of card based systems increases the usage of vending machines 

Tru-VEND® Newspaper Vending Machine

BATTERY OPERATED NEWSPAPER VENDING MACHINE ROBUST DESIGN AND RELIABLE OPERATION EASY TO USE NEWSPAPER VENDING MACHINE International norms, In conformity with CE Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2008 QMS. Fully Microprocessor Controlled MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols supporting Change Giver, Coin Selector, Bill Validator and Cashless Payment Wake Up from Sleep Mode when Coin Inserted and Impact activated…