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    20 000 m² Factory Premises

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    With You Since 1978

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Elektral is Turkey’s only Walk Through Metal Detectors and Vending Machines Producer since 1978. Security Metal Detectors, Cold drinks vending machines, Combo Snack & Drinks Vending Machines, Tea & Coffee Dispensers are our Main products. We offer you quality machines working 24/7 for reasonable prices.

We Export Our High Technology Products to More Than 60 Countries

As a company developing integrated production, our quality certified manufacturing has continued since 1978 based on high technology. This integration can be described broadly as R&D, Electronics, Electro-mechanics, Production Lines, Mechanics Workshop, Moulding Workshop, Plastic Injection and Vacuum Forming Group. With T.R. State Planning Organisation's various incentives, the factory has reached an approximately 20,000 m2 production area, largest in the Middle East Area in it's field with the capability of making several electronic machines and components for professional use.

Elektral is the FIRST and ONLY Turkish corporate manufacturer / factory in the fields of

Security Metal Detectors (Walk Through and Hand Held Metal Detectors etc)

Automatic Vending Machines (Snack Vending Machines, Cold Drink, Tea & Coffee Vending Machines etc)

With our Innovation First Place Awards, Tax Payments, R&D and Employment Awards we are adding value to our country and the region in various fields.

Our customers become owners of Snacks Vending Machines, Tea and Coffee Vending Machines, Hot and Cold Drinks Dispensers for reasonable prices and pay off their investment in short time without hiring. You can become your own boss without buying second hand machines. Elektral's hot drinks and snacks, high technology, high quality machines are price-wise the most reasonable in the market directly from the manufacturer. Over 3000 of our Coffee dispensers (HoReCa type) have been sold to JACOBS and BRENO and are in service at most reputable locations.

ThruScan® Metal Detectors have been announced "The Best Deal" at the leading Middle East Security Exhibition INTERSEC in Dubai-UAE. ThruScan® Metal Detectors have gained a well deserved Worldwide Reputation and Impressive References with the high quality and up to date technical features. With our OEM production for some of the World's famous Metal Detector Distributors in EUROPE, our products are being sold worldwide. Our production is in Conformity with NILECJ 0601 American Standards, Complies with CE Norms and is under ISO 9001:2008 QMS procedures. Some of our Walk-Through Metal Detector References worldwide are Various British Consulates, Japanese Consulates, Turkish, Russian and Bulgarian Consulates, Prime Ministries of Turkey, India, Singapore and Bulgaria, Ministry of Home Affairs of Bulgaria, Jail houses in Israel, Poland, UAE and Macedonia, Airport authority of Frankfurt, Queen Alia-Jordan, Karachi-Pakistan, Erbil-Iraq, Turkish Presidential Residence, Pakistan and Moldova Presidential Residences, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Defence and various Military Bases in Turkey.

Tru-VEND Vending MachinesEVA 1

As a company able to adapt to the latest developments in vending, Elektral owns the largest production plant in it’s own expertise field in the Middle East area. By manufacturing modules suitable for development we are able to produce own spare parts and own main boards. We convert a metal sheet into a high technology product. Elektral Vending machines can operate with worldwide most accepted MDB-Executive and other communication protocols. The high performance processors being used support credit cards, personnel cards, banknotes, coins and all payment systems that can be fitted on the vending machines produced. Today we are selling vending machines to many countries including Italians who are the inventors of vending. Recently Elektral has joined the European Vending Association, we are very proud to be a part of EVA!

ThruScan Walk Through Metal Detectors

When you buy a Walk Through Metal Detector, it is important to know exactly where you are going to use it. ThruScan offers a wide variety of walk through and hand held metal detectors suitable for all needs. There are 7 different models of Walk Through Metal Detectors and 4 different models of Hand Held Metal Detectors from which you can choose the most suitable one according to the strategic importance of the location. We are at your service with such a mentality that if you are looking for an economic model, ours is more economic than the far east product models; if you are looking for a high quality model, ours is a better alternative to the American and Italian make brands.

High Technology

We are a pioneer manufacturer in the sectors of Security Metal Detectors and Vending Machines with the innovations we provide

R & D and Innovation

As a manufacturer devoted to innovation with a strong R & D structure, we have won R & D and Innovation Awards

Quality & Cost Efficient

Our company is exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide with a production rate of 65% for exports

After Sales Service

With our efficient after sales service, all our products have 2 years of manufacturers warranty 

Contact us

Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone M. Kemal. Ataturk Blv. No: 23-25 35620 Cigli Izmir/Turkey
+90 232 376 7300
+90 232 376 7030
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