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Hand Held Metal Detector & Scanner ThruSec

Alarm : Audio, Vibration (Earphone Optional) Visual LED indication Green LED indicates operation and red LED alarm - yellow LED Low Battery Battery :1 pcs 9 V Ni-Mh 200 mAh (rechargeable and replaceable) Optional Charge Period : First Charge ~15 hrs latter charges 10 hrs. Charger : Mains: 220V AC 50Hz - 12V DC 110mA Current : Stand by 11 mA Weight :~375 g Dimensions : 43 x 85 x 415 mm Operation Temperature…

Hand Held Metal Detector ThruScan dX-X

Designed to detect weapons, knifes and other metallic threat objects made of magnetic and non-magnetic metals carried on people. International Norms (NILECJ-0602.02 L1-5/IP53/EN60950 Class1), In Conformity to CE and in Compliance with EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1 being produced under ISO 9001:2015 QMS. Conformity to ECAC(European Civil Aviation Conference) (Doc. 30) Latest Standards (TS 2418 EN 61010–1)…

QUEUE Barrier

Chrome Plated material90 cm height9.5 kg approximate weight3 meters long ribbon with 5 cm width The ribbon can be attached from 4 sides Special design to prevent tilt over

Shoe Detector

Shoes can be searched / checked for metal without taking them off, using this machine. It is possible to screen 20 people per minute.Ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, diamagnetic and all metals can be detected and security guard warned.There is a sensitivity adjustment feature available with this machine.Battery backup feature is available.


Contains small, medium and large test pieces recommended by the American National Institute of JusticeSensitivity tests can be carried out in all detection zones of the Walk Through Metal Detector The test kit is suitable for NIJ 0601.02 tests

Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Aluminium rod, light design Large 30 cm convex mirror Galvanised, with rubber and metal protection Parliament Blue electrostatic painted base Battery-Flash light (4 spare AAA batteries ) Ergonometric handle / grip Special multi positioning wheels Stainless material, 3 levels adjustment Multi-position wheel