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Ultrasonic Rat Repeller Quadro


Against rodents for food producer/seller warehouses, archives, textile factories, banks, hospitals, silos, ships, hotels, green houses, airports, fields.

Uncontrolled population of rats and mouses thus the loss they caused is increasing year by year. 

They go in anywhere they can and eat anything they find with unbelievable instability. Even, it is the fact that many of fires occurred due to the power cables they rodent. Furthermore rats are the porters of many epidemic diseases. Human being has used chemical poisons beside physical methods to fight against these most 
harmful animals. However, humans have had limited success for isolating these animals, which are very clever. But now all problems related to rats and mouses were soundly resolved in the advanced countries.

GFS 60D was developed against rodents and birds basing on a German model. This odourless, non-contaminating, non-toxic system has no effect on

other creatures and IS A NEW PROTECTION SYSTEM based on BROADCASTING ON ULTRASOUND FREQUENCIES. It is commonly produced and used in modern 

countries chiefly in America, Germany, France, Italy and Hungary. It may be produced for indoor, outdoor, tropical or polar upon request. 

Body : 1 mm. DKP iron sheet 
Dimensions : 260 x 130 x 120 mm. 
Weight : 2.7 kg 
Power Supply : 220 VAC 50 Hz 
Consumption : 15 Watt 
Operation Temp : - 20 C , + 60 C 
Broadcasting Angle : 120 C 

Mono : 150 m2 
Dual : 250 m2 
Quatro : 400 m2