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Tru-VEND® Newspaper Vending Machine


International norms, In conformity with CE Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

Fully Microprocessor Controlled MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols supporting Change Giver, Coin Selector, Bill Validator and Cashless Payment

Wake Up from Sleep Mode when Coin Inserted and Impact activated with its advanced ULP-nano Watt/Ultra Low Power MDB System Special Payment

Systems and Electronic Circuitry

Alarm against Vandalism and Tilt Sensor

Ensures reliable operation with IR Product Sensor

Real Time Time/Date Function Enabling Timetable Pricing

Newspaper Column Height: 55 cm approx. 35 kgs (80-100 pcs Newspapers)

Large Newspaper Display Window

Very Easy Loading

Very High Speed and availability of different Optional Units with 16-bit LP (Low Power) high performance processor

User Friendly Customer Interface and Control Menu (Optional LCD)

High storage capacity EEPROM

Software for PC enabling Statistical Analysis at your office and storage of data on your PC

GSM/GPRS Remote Access and Data Transfer (Telemetry)

Min. 150mW Consumption during operation enabling long battery operation

20 mW Consumption during Sleep Mode Operation 30 Days Operation Cycle on 7500 mAh Battery with 10% Wake Up Ratio (Can be Equipped with Higher Capacity Battery for longer periods)

Possibility of Solar-Powered Battery Charging

Operation via Mains and/or Battery Operation at the same time

BITE (Built-in Test Equipment) automatically Fixing problems and/or Warning Messages and Collecting data on erroneous sales.

Dual Locking System from top and bottom with same/different Keys

Universal Design enabling easy system upgrade 

Possibility of Using a Base Stand Assembly for fixing to the floor and/or Hanging onto the wall with patented Product Delivery System

Outdoor Operation Availability

Extra Strong Hinges

Optional Durable Front Display Window (Anti-Vandalism Glass)

Standard Colour Satin/Bright RED

General Physical Features

Width: 70 x 100 x 42 cm

Weight: ~ 37 kgs (without optional)

2 Years Warranty, 10 years parts supply & After sales Services Availability as per our "General Conditions of Sales, Delivery Warranty"