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The NEW ThruScan sX-i

Game Changer in Metal Detection

User Friendly Interface and Very Easy to Mount and Assemble

Eliminating Environmental Interference using AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SELECTION feature

Excellent Reliability and Discrimination Capability, High Efficiency

Ferrous / Non-Ferrous, Magnetic /Anti-Magnetic Metals and Mixed Alloys Detected Easily with High Accuracy

Fast Scanning from top to bottom and high performance achieved by accurately pointing at the area where metals are detected on the people passing through.

Communication capability using Mobile Phone, Tablet or PC through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 allowing access (through Mobile Network and/or Internet) to settings and statistics from any location all over the world.

One device can connect to and control MULTIPLE NUMBER of Walk Through Metal Detectors.

The NEW ThruScan sX-i is a top quality, high performance Multi-Zone Security Walk Through Metal Detector and fully complies with Internationally accepted Security Standards such as ECAC Std1-Std2-Std3, NIJ 601.02 & NIJ 601.03 SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE Objects, CE European Union Norms and is produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS .


Weather Resistant IP 65 Protection (EN 60529), EN 60068, EN 60950 Class1, Certified in Compliance to EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1 regulations and in compliance with DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC.

The immunity of the detector to the Environmental Interferences and Environmental Noise makes it suitable to be used in all sorts of environments, especially in Military Premises, Courts and Airports.

The Excellent Discrimination ability of the detector allows to easily distinguish between Threat Objects and Non-Threat Objects from the top to the bottom of the Walk Through Metal Detector.

Due to the Auto Calibration and Auto Configuration feature, it does not need re-calibration when the detector is relocated or new Magnetic Objects brought Near-By.

Multi-Zone Detection Zones are available.

45 sensitivity levels with 300 adjustable sensitivity steps at each, several Sensitivity Program and 20 pre-set Security Programs.

64 x 128 GLCD, Seven digits IN/OUT counter, Metal Density Display by 10-level-VU meter, Green / Red bi-colour traffic LEDs.

60 People per minute passing speed, Speed Detection and warning if the speed is Fast or Slow.

35 Different Alarm Tones, 10 Volume Levels

Separate Sensitivity Adjustment for Different Detection Zones, Individual Detection and/or in Combination Detection capability (can be switched ON and OFF).

0-100% adjustable Random Alarm Feature enabling to scan required number of clean visitors.

Human Health friendly Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology, No harm caused to Pace Makers, Pregnant and Magnetic Media.

Real Time Environmental Magnetic Noise Level Graphical Display and BITE - Built In test Equipment allowing automatic display of failures.

Four-digit changeable digital Pin Code and Mechanical Lock.

Standard menu language in English, German, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (Optional Russian, Japanese, Polish, Bulgarian...etc.)

Built-in UPS enabling 2 hours operation without mains and Non-Volatile Micro-Processor Memory Settings.

Optional REAL-TIME VIDEO PROSECUTION UNIT / FACE RECOGNITION UNIT enabling recording of Alarmed /All Visitors photos or videos.