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Medical Vendor Mask-Matic


You can provide protection against the virus before it is too late !

Face masks, testers, disinfectant sprays, napkins, non-prescription medication, gloves etc. products and supplies much needed during these difficult times. Automatically - Instantly Provided 24/7

Areas of Use: 

Medical vendors can be placed in hospitals, airports, public transport stations, educational institutions, government departments, municipalities; this vending machine is designed to automatically vend / sell medical equipment and supplies in crowded places without human intervention.

Wide Product range:

With flexible shelves design, face masks, gloves, testers, disinfectant sprays, napkins, non-prescription medicine, small products, medical products, etc. Multipurpose automatic vending machine.

All our vending machines are produced in our advanced, highly integrated facilities High quality, advanced technology, in compliance with the latest international standards! CE, ISO 9001 : 2015 QMS

OEM production is available for all devices.

Our vending machines are suitable for vending mobile phone accessories, packed snacks, souvenirs, stationery, small products etc..