Walk Through Metal Detector  

Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detectors are considered to be the most important point of access security control. The aim is to detect dangerous materials regardless of them being as big as a gun or as small as a needle. They use the sensitivity level adjustment feature, with a warning system, detecting threat objects on a person walking through.

The Detector is able to determine any metal objects on the suspect’s body with its multi-zone detection zones. The target metal object is shown on both side panels and graphic zone display with lights and the power of the signal and its display changes depending on the size of the dangerous object. In and out counter and alarm counter are also important for some places such as shopping malls, airports, holdings etc...

Highly sensitive ThruScan Detectors are able to detect threat objects with 3 to 27 detection zones and 7 different models are available. ThruScan Walk Through Detectors can point at the detected metal objects, from top to bottom with LED LIGHTS in a row on the side panels and warn with visual and audio alarms.

ThruScan Metal Detectors offer 7 alternative prices to customers with 7 different models. Also 2 years of Manufacturer’s Warranty and 10 years of parts guarantee is provided.

With more than 40 years of experience, Elektral ThruScan Metal Detectors are capable of supporting you in a long term with a high performance in order to provide security for people. In contrast to detectors imported from the Far East, ThruScan Metal Detectors are %100 local (Turkish) production and are in service for you with excellent after-sales support.

Certificates of a Walk Through Detector are as important as its price. For this reason, rather than its price, it is recommended to consider its qualifications / certificates, references lists, testimonials and professional advice to make sure the benefit is a long term one.  

High performance ThruScan Walk Through Metal Detectors provide you the best security solution and affordable prices. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information.

Can I work part time as a Vending Operator?

Yes you can. You may need to allocate about 30 minutes per vending machine. This time period may differ depending on the distance between your service points (vending machines) and your speed.

Can I work from home as a Vending Operator?

Yes you can. You do not need to hire an expensive office and warehouse at the beginning. Many Vending Operators start working from home.

How is the cash flow in Vending Business?

The cash flow is perfect in vending business! Most of the payments in vending machines are made in cash.

Is it possible to control and check vending machines remotely?

Most of the vending machines we produce would have output ports suitable for remote control. In order to deploy such systems extra modules are required and there are additional monthly costs.

How many hours a day can a Vending Machine operate?

Our Vending Machines are designed to operate 24 hours / day, on year round basis.